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Rupes BigFoot LHR21ES Random Orbital Polisher

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Rupes BigFoot LHR21ES Random Orbital Polisher

The first RUPES tool to burst onto the US market in 2013 and kick off a polishing revolution that continues to this day; The BigFoot LHR 21ES introduced the BigFoot polishing systems concept to North America with the first-of-its-kind 21mm orbit and balanced, ergonomic operation. We continue to manufacture the LHR 21ES as a legacy model offering the same world-class performance that made it famous as an economical option for professionals and enthusiasts looking to experience the benefits of BigFoot polishing.


Options Available:

Single Tool

Complete Kit


Complete Kit Includes: (1) LHR21ES Polisher, (1) 981.321N 150mm/6in backing plate, (1)9.DACOARSE250 250ml coarse compound, (1)9.DAFINE250 250ml fine compound, (1)9.PURE250 250ml ultrafine polish, (1)9.DA180H coarse blue foam pad, (1)9.DA180M fine yellow foam pad, (1) 9.DA180S ultrafine white foam pad, (1) 9.BW180H coarse DA wool pad, (1) 9.BW180M medium DA wool pad, (4) microfiber cloths, (1) 9.BF7001 Claw Pad Tool, (1) 9.Z1024 Cable Clamp, (1) 9.Z868 detailing apron, (1)Semi-rigid BigFoot carrying bag, packed in a carton shipping box.