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Rupes D-A Medium Yellow Wool Pad

Rupes D-A Medium Yellow Wool Pad

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Rupes 3" D-A Medium High-Performance Yellow Wool Pad
Item # 9.BW100M, 9.BW150M, 9.BW180M


The plush natural wool fibers of RUPES BigFoot Yellow Medium Wool Pads make polishing effortless when used with BigFoot Random Orbital, Gear-Driven “Mille”, and Triple-Action Polishers. The natural fibers lightly polish away fine defects and create a high-gloss finish, while the yellow foam support allows for the pad to easily conform to body panel shapes and contours. Unlike traditional wool pads which are known for their tendency to leave finishes hazy the highly refined wool material used in the BigFoot Yellow Medium Wool Pad can leave a wax ready finish after removing moderate defects in just one step. RUPES D-A Fine Polishing Compound is recommended on Random Orbital and Triple-Action Polishers; RUPES D-A Fine Polish is recommended on Gear-Driven “Mille” Polishers. Ideal for all paint finishes.


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