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NanoSkin Yellow Power

NanoSkin Yellow Power

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NanoSkin Yellow Power

Item # NA-YTR


NanoSkin Yellow Power is a Heavy Duty Degreaser

-Engine Degreaser

-Degreases Tools and all vehicles

-Cuts and breaks down grease & grime

NanoSkins most powerful degreaser designed to quickly clean even the greasiest engine compartment.  It also cuts through and quicklty breaks down oil based soiling anywhere on the exterior of the vehicle, including rocker panels, door jambs, wheel wells, undercarriages & suspension components.  Just spray, allow to dwell and agitate as needed to disintegrate nasty oil buildup in engine compartments.  Thoroughly apply and allow to dwell 30-60 seconds before agitating and rinsing fully.



Heavy Duty Degreasing        4:1

Medium Duty Degreasing    9:1

General Cleaning                   19:1


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