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NanoSkin Super Charger Concentrate SI02 Spray

NanoSkin Super Charger Concentrate SI02 Spray

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NanoSkin Super Charger Concentrate Si02 Spray

Item # NA-SCR

100:1 Concentrate.  For Foam Cannon use, add 1 ounce per 32oz of water.  


NANOSKIN ULTRA LINE, SUPER-CHARGER CONCENTRATE is an easy-to-use, water-activated SiO2 spray sealant that will allow you to receive the same protection you would expect from a wax in a fraction of the time! 

The most attractive feature of SUPER-CHARGER is its fast and simple spray-on-rinse-off application process. 

The fact that you don’t have to touch your car’s paint with anything in order to apply SUPER-CHARGER greatly cuts down on the risk of ruining your paint’s impeccable finish. 

All you need to do is spray SUPER-CHARGER on wet surface after washing your vehicle and then rinse it away with water. 


• A water-activated spray-on-rinse-off sealant
• Fortified ceramic SiO2 silica provides superior water beading
• A quicker alternative to waxing your vehicle
• Prolongs the time in between waxes, polymer sealants, and ceramic coatings

  • Directions for use

    1. Thoroughly wash your car outside of direct sunlight to ensure the surface is cool to the touch.
    2. While the surface is still wet and cool, work section by section and spray a light mist of diluted product directly onto the surface.
    3. Immediately rinse the section with a strong jet of water.
    4. You will notice the water-beading begin to take effect immediately.
    5. Dry the surface off with a clean towel or an air blower tool. An air blower tool is best to eliminate potential swirls left on the paint from a towel. 

    If you use too much product or let it dry, it may cause water spots or streaking. If this happens,simply rinse the car thoroughly again and dry it off.

  • Technical Info

    Water (CAS#7732-18-5), Poly(Dimethylsiloxane) (CAS# 63148-62-9), Nonionic Micro-Emulsion (Proprietary)

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