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NanoSkin Non Acid

NanoSkin Non Acid

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Nanoskin NON ACID


Wheel & Tire Cleaner 4:1

NANOSKIN NON ACID Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a professional-grade wheel and tire cleaner that forgoes caustic acids and instead relies on smart chemistry. Our "Xtreme Cling" foaming action is designed to cling to vertical surfaces and break down stubborn road residue on wheels & tires. Designed to clean clear coated, factory painted and chrome wheels, NON ACID enables you to save time and maximize profits by relying on one wheel cleaner for most applications. Like the name implies, NON ACID removes dirt and grime from tires as well. Now that 's what we call a great value!

  • Directions for use

    For best results, NON ACID should be used with foaming trigger sprayer and wheel brush that has been tested and approved for all wheel finishes.
    • Dilute the product to desired strength.
    • Spray onto wheel & tire surface by using a foaming trigger sprayer.
    • Allow to soak for 1 minute, then agitate with brush.
    • Rinse off with pressure washer.

    Step 1:
    Mix concentrated Non Acid into sprayer bottle using 4:1 mix ratio with water

    Step 2:
    4:1 mix ratio with water

    Step 3:
    4 parts water / 1 part Non Acid
    Step 4:
    Using a foaming trigger sprayer apply liberal amounts of Non Acid to wheels and tires. *always use eye protection **do not apply to hot wheels

    Step 5:
    Allow Non Acid to dwell on wheel from 1-3 minutes. Agitate Non Acid with a tire brush if necessary. *do not let Non Acid dry on wheels.

    Step 6:
    Allow Non Acid to dwell on tires from 1-3 minutes. Agitate Non Acid if necessary with wheel brush. *do not let Non Acid dry on wheels

    Step 7:
    Rinse wheels and tires with water. Preferably a power sprayer for non touch removal and cleaning.

    Step 8:
    Wipe dry residual water from wheel with a clean soft micro fiber towel


  • Technical Info

    Water (CAS#7732-18-5), 2­(2­butoxyethoxy)ethanol (CAS#112-34-5), Sodium Metasilicate (CAS#6834-92-0), Tetrasodium EDTA (CAS#64-02-8), Sodium Olefin Sulfonate (CAS#68439-57-6), Lauryldimethylamine Oxide (CAS#1643-20-5) • Formulated to clean wheels & tires • "Xtreme Cling" foaming action • Safe for all factory, clear-coated, painted & chrome wheels

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