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Nanoskin Citro Blast

Nanoskin Citro Blast

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CITRO BLAST All Purpose Cleaner Plus 4:1 ~ 27:1

Item # NA-CBT


CITRO BLAST All Purpose Cleaner Plus is fully formulated solution comprised of award winning metathesis chemistry, ecologically responsible citrus terpenes, and surfactant emulsifiers.
CITRO BLAST cleans almost anything! Clean carpet, vinyl, engines, tires, upholstery, leather, clear and colored plastics, and glass.
CITRO BLAST can be diluted to suit any job. Clean every surface with a single product! For heavy duty jobs , engines, tires, fender wells and fabric stains , dilute 4 to 1. For medium strength cleaning, dilute 10 to 1. Of course, you can adjust the dilution ratio if needed.


CITRO BLAST All Purpose Cleaner Plus cleans all these surfaces:
• Engine bay
• Floor mats
• Dash and door panels
• Clear plastic instrument panels
• Tires and wheels
• Fender wells
• Leather
• Vinyl
• Carpet and upholstery
• Molding and trim

  • Directions for use

    Exterior 4:1 (1 gallon makes a bucket)
    Interior 10:1 (A bucket makes a drum)
    Glass Cleaner 27:1 (2 gallons makes a drum)

  • Technical Info

    Water (CAS#7732-18-5), D-Limonene (CAS#5989-27-5), N,N-dimethyl 9-decenamide (CAS#1356964-77-6), Sodium Carbonate (CAS#497-19-8), Sorbitan Laurate (CAS#93906-96-8), Hydrogenated Castor Oil (CAS#61788-85-0)

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