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Meisterwerk - Fiber Guard Plus

Meisterwerk - Fiber Guard Plus

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An easily applied water-based fluorochemical protectant concentrate that forms a protective barrier against stains and spills. Excellent wicking action covers the entire fiber, providing complete fabric protection. One diluted gallon provides 200 sq.ft. of protections, depending on fabric density.


DIRECTIONS: Must be diluted 30:1 to make ready to use product Apply after upholstery or carpet has been wet cleaned. CARPET:  Spray evenly at the rate of one gallon per 200 sq.ft., depending on pile density.  Set pile of carpet with rake or brush. UPHOLSTERY: Apply after testing for color fastness. Typical coverage equals 1 quart per average sofa.  Rinse sprayer after use. Keep off wood surfaces.  Allow treated surfaces to dry before using.  pH=5.0

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