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MaxShine 7" Rotary Polisher Backing Plate

MaxShine 7" Rotary Polisher Backing Plate

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MaxShine 7" Rotary Polisher Backing Plate

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The Polisher Plates For Rotary

Completes Your Heavy-duty Rotary Detailing Mission

The polisher plates designed for rotary polishers shall complete your heavy-duty car detailing tasks with the perfect design and material construction. The one-piece design satisfies high-speed and heavy-duty rotary polishers built with Polyurethane, allowing durability and elasticity. 

The Polisher Backing Plate Made of High-quality Polyurethane

The high-quality Polyurethane ensures excellent durability and versatility, allowing for extended use over 10000 times.

Molded One Piece Design Satsifies Heavy-Duty Rotary Polishers

With a durable one-piece molding design, the polishing plates enable secure contouring on painted surfaces, including curves and body lines, offering high elasticity and durability. The incorporated Smart Heat Management Technology ensures the polishing plate withstands the power and substantial throw generated by the polishers for optimal results.

Convenient Hook and Loop 

The hook and loop design makes it a user-friendly interface for pad replacement and secure bonding, which is compatible with wool, foam, and microfiber pads to improve gloss finish. 



Material: Polyurethane

Thread Size: 5/8"

SKU: 614070281605