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MaxShine 5″ High Profile Red Foam Pad

MaxShine 5″ High Profile Red Foam Pad

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MaxShine 5″ High Profile Red Foam Pad

Item # 2023155R


The car polisher pads designed for high-profile foam pads, can work with rotary and dual action polishers enabled with hook and loop attachment. The high-profile foam pad is distinguished from the low-profile foam pads in the thickness and material construction. The high-pro foam pad is thicker than the low-pro, while the low-pro foam pad uses EVA( Ethylene-vinyl acetate) in the foam pad. The high-profile foam pads use quality material and have a center cut and tapered edge to provide heat dissipation and safe contouring for professionally removing swirls, scratches, and oxidation.  


Car Polisher Pads | Features and Benefits of the high-profile foam pads

  • The car polisher pads professionally remove heavy swirl marks, scratches, and chemical oxidation while meeting specific job requirements: heavy cutting (green), cutting (blue), polishing (yellow), and finishing (red).
  • Compatibility: The high pro foam pads work with rotary and dual action polishers with hook and loop backing plates, supporting 5-inch hook and loop backing plates.
  • Detailed engineering helps heat dissipation and protection: The center cut provides effective heat dissipation while the tapered edge reduces damage to the finish. 
  • Smooth contouring car surfaces: The optimized thickness of the pads allows smooth and safe contouring surfaces, including curves. 
  • Reusable and easy application: They are washable and reusable while offering easy application of the waxes and sealants. 
  • Dimensions and weight for 5″ (130-155 x 30mm):  5.7(diameter) x 1.2(width) inch