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​​​​​​Jade Jet - 12oz Graphene Ceramic Spray 3 Year

​​​​​​Jade Jet - 12oz Graphene Ceramic Spray 3 Year

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​​​​​​Jade Jet - 12oz Graphene Ceramic Spray 3 Year

Item # JCD904


  • Forms an invisible shield that defends your painted surfaces - protection from rain, UV rays, dirt and grime, road salt, corrosion, and environmental fallout
  • Includes UV tracer technology illuminates under UV light so there is never a missed spot
  • Suitable for any and all surfaces, paint, plastic, glass, wheels, vinyl
  • Astounding strength and durability - 3 year warranty
  • Replace waxing and sealing - more hydrophobic than wax and has longer lasting protection
  • Benefits of traditional ceramic coating but is easier and quicker to apply
  • Leaves a deep, mirror-like shine on your paint - surfaces will be easy to keep clean because Jet repels contaminants
  • Longer flash time than on Jade Obsidian or Jade Graphene making for an easier installation
  • 12 oz bottle with spray head
  • 3 year warranty
SKU: 777JCD904001

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