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Detailer Dojo Butter Cream Wax

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Butter Cream Wax

A one step “buttery” like cream wax, that vastly increase color depth and gloss. This premium formula is fortified with carnauba wax and space age polymers. Use as a final step to add gloss, protection and fill in fine imperfections. Apply with an orbital buffer or by hand. Complies with VOC regulations.


  • Directions for use

    Shake well.  Apply to cool, clean unoxidized surfaces.  For hand use:  Apply with a clean soft cloth using a circular motion.  Allow to dry to a haze.  Buff to a high gloss using a soft clean dry cloth.  For orbital:  Apply wax to clean bonnet.  With orbital on, spread over surfaces.  Allow to dry to a haze.  With clean bonnet, buff to a high gloss.

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