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6.0" Microfiber Compounding/Polishing Pad

6.0" Microfiber Compounding/Polishing Pad

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$11.00Sale Price
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6.0" Microfiber Compounding/Polishing Pad

They call this the MOFO (Momentum Forward)

Flat Back for Random Orbit, DA and Force Gear Drive Polishers


The Hi-Buff 6.0 Inch Tufted Microfiber Buffing Pad is 100% Tufted Microfiber. Durable, but gentle touch that truly brings out any shine. This new and exclusive patent-pending tech that has never before been available.  Perfect for compounding and polishing.  Leaves little behind like microfiber is famous for.

The 6.0" tufted microfiber buffing pad utilize the highest quality microfiber to remove swirls, scratches, and holograms quickly and easily. The thick premium pads are able to flex to the curves and contours of any vehicle making the polishing process even easier.


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