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3D 3.5" Black Spider-Cut Finishing pad 2 Pack

3D 3.5" Black Spider-Cut Finishing pad 2 Pack

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3.5" Black Spider-Cut Foam Finishing Pad 2 pack

One of the most confusing topics when you’re first getting into machine polishing is trying to figure out which pads to buy? There are hundreds of different types of pads, sizes of pads, colors of pads and even shapes of pads. Here at 3D we keep it simple. For most people and most detailing projects, you only need access to 3 different types of pads:

Cutting – This is our dark purple foam pad.
Polishing – This is our light purple foam pad.
Finishing – This is our black foam pad.

Maximize gloss and clarity with 3D’s spider-cut design 3.5” foam pads
Some people think foam is foam, but this is simply not true. There’s a lot of chemistry and physics that go into the design of a quality foam pad. 3D’s quality foam buffing pads use the latest in foam chemistry to create pads that simply outperform the competition.

Foam Chemistry
Different chemicals can be added to a foam formula to make foam react differently under time, heat, and pressure and exposure to liquids or chemicals. Simple, non-descript foam pads cost less and that’s because they do less. Cheap pads also don’t last as long.

Unique foam structure
Run your hand over the face of a clean, dry 3D 3.5” black spider-cut finishing pad and you’ll feel a super soft, plush foam surface. This pad is for doing final polishing work after more aggressive compounding and polishing steps. The soft foam texture provides little to no cut depending upon the product and paint.

Pad design
The slotted spider-cuts across the face of our foam finishing pad flex when spinning against the surface, this increases their surface area, which increases their finishing ability for faster refining of the surface and finishing swirl-free and show car quality.

Product trapping
The spider-cut structure flexes to open up when buffing allowing the polish powders or abrasives to migrate in-between the spider-cuts trapping them in the pad for extended work time and more efficient finishing and refining of the surface. As you’re buffing, the abrasives have greater contact against the surface for a more efficient finishing-effect.

Longer lasting
The open-cell design also offers great tensile strength as compared to closed-cell foam pads and this means they are more tear-resistant and thus last longer.

Cooler buffing temperatures
The slotted spider-cuts across the face of the pad flex as you buff allowing better air movement over and through the pad for improved heat transfer from the pad to the air. This helps keep surface temperatures lower and helps to prevent the face of the pad from bowling-in.

Excellent finishing range
3D’s 3.5” black spider-cut finishing pads are versatile because they offer very light polishing to very fine finishing simply by changing the product. To get light cutting or the ultimate flawless finish, use with 3D’s 502, 520, ONE or SPEED.

Best value
These pads offer a great range of polishing options, and the foam is extra durable. 3D’s buffing pads don’t cost more money, they make you more money.

Our 3.5” black spider-cut finishing pads work great on any type of polisher including rotary polishers, long stroke polishers, short stroke polishers, free spinning polishers, and gear-driven polishers.

3D Foam Pads are made to last and get the job done.

What is it?
High performance super soft foam finishing pad for use with rotary and orbital polishers.

What does it do?
When used with 3D polishes and AIOs, these foam finishing pads will refine the results from the previous step while maximizing gloss and clarity.

When do you use it?
Typically foam finishing pads are used when you want to create the most perfect, mirror-like finish. When doing multiple step paint correction, a finishing pad is used for the last step after more aggressive steps like compounding and polishing. Depending upon your expectations for final finish quality, the finishing step can be an optional step if the polishing step created the results you were looking for and expecting.

Why use 3D’s 3.5” Black Spider-Cut Finishing pads over other options?
All the foam used to create 3D’s foam pads is of the highest quality. Cheap foam buffing pads don’t last long because the foam tears-up or bowls inward when exposed to high temperatures from heavy compounding.

3D’s foam buffing pads use advanced foam chemistry where the foam is modified and tuned for specific functions like durability, heat and chemical resistance, sustained cell wall structure under extreme work loads for more uniform polishing performance from start to finish.