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How To Dress Your Car's Interior And Exterior

When And Why

Dressing on a car's interior or exterior should be a decision solely made by the car's owner. A detailer might use dressing to cover "sin", or areas they cannot get clean enough or are willing to. The car owner must be able to elect to have it and where it is applied. Not every owner wants an overly shiny, possibly greasy or "unnatural" look. This applies to all areas of the car, inside and out. Now, there are dressings that maintain a natural matte finish with the benefit of UV Protection...but still ask. I have encountered many customers who are extremely sensitive to fragrances. Just about every dressing has a fragrance of some sort. Something to think about.

Let's Take A Look At The Types Of Dressings

Water Based Dressings

Water based dressing technology has excelled over the last few years due to VOC regulations. Development has been a focus to formulate incredible water based dressings for use on both interior and exterior.

Water based dressings may be used as tire dressing, trim dressing and interior dressing. Water Based Dressings offer a great shiny look while protecting the surface from harmful UV rays.

How To Dress Your Car's Interior

Instead of spraying an interior spray dressing or cleaner directly onto the surface where overspray can be a problem, instead try this technique. Take a clean small/medium microfiber polishing cloth, foam wax applicator pad, micr