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SM Arnold 5" White Drill Brush

SM Arnold 5" White Drill Brush

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SM Arnold 5" White Drill Brush

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S.M. Arnold Speedy Drill Brushes

S.M. Arnold Speedy drill brushes are available in three different styles to tackle chores from intense scrubbing to gentle cleaning—and these professional brushes do it efficiently and effectively. They all feature robust plastic bases, durable polypropylene bristles, and strong brush shanks so cordless power drill chucks can grip onto tightly for a secure hold at high speeds.

Options of S.M. Arnold Speedy drill brushes:

* Heavy-duty brushes feature red bristles and are meant for intense scrubbing, lifting, and easily removing dirt, grease, and grime from tires and pickup truck bedliners. Bristles are stiff enough to clean whitewalls. Can be used on bathroom and shower tile and grout.
* Medium-duty brushes feature yellow bristles and can lift and clean spots from upholstery, carpets, and mats, as well as bathroom tile and grout.
* Light-duty brushes have bristles that gently clean and scrub sensitive carpet, upholstery, and seats. They can dislodge old stains and clean cloth or vinyl convertible roofs. Great for light scrubbing of countless applications in the home.

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