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Maxshine Magic Clay Mitt

Maxshine Magic Clay Mitt

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Maxshine Magic Clay Mitt

Item # 204002MT

Maxshine Magic Clay Mitt for Car

Features and Benefits:

  • Faster, Reliable Clay Usage

  • Re-Usable on up to 20-50 cars.

  • Removes harmful particles from the paint without scratching or damaging the surface.


  • Step 1: Clean off the paint surface with water to begin.

  • Step 2: Apply Magic Clay Mitt to the car with Wash Shampoo to remove particles.

  • Step 3: Wipe the surface dry and repeat as necessary.

  • Step 4: Cleaning Magic Clay Mitt – Place in water and allow the product to soak overnight for dirt to come off naturally.


· Do not use dry paint surfaces.

· Do not use on hot surfaces, as this may cause the product to dissolve.

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