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MaxShine Auto Detailing Brush Set 3PCS

MaxShine Auto Detailing Brush Set 3PCS

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MaxShine Auto Detailing Brush Set 3PCS

Item # 704610

Features and Benefits:

  • Diameter: 4#(25mm), 6#(30mm), 10#(40mm) Made with pig hair bristles
  • Bend to clean tiny or hard-to-reach areas professionally
  • Perfect for any detailing work
  • Great tool for cleaning leather seats, doormats, interior, and exterior of cars
  • Professionally goes well with all kinds of detailing tools and accessories

How it work?

Detailing between air vents and seams on your dashboard and console can be a challenge.

It dislodges stubborn grime with stiff, black bristles, and it gently cleans clear plastic panels with soft, grey bristles.

Great for details of the interior of the car

The ideal detail brush set for you to clean the interior and exterior of vehicles. Perfect for cleaning the car upholstery, air conditioning outlet, steering wheel, dashboard, etc.

Can help you clean hard-moved rust and detains and the soft bristles will not hurt your car.

SKU: 614070282879

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