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MaxShine M8S V2 1000W Motor Dual Action Polisher

MaxShine M8S V2 1000W Motor Dual Action Polisher

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MaxShine M8S V2 – 1000W Motor | Dual action polisher for car detailing

Features and Benefits of the dual action polisher for car detailing 

  • Blast Through Scratches – The upgraded M8S V2 orbital buffer features a new 1000W motor to add more power, torque, and efficiency to your car detailing workflow. Get the job done faster, easier, and more effectively by using our car buffer.
  • Easily Adjust Your Speed – Unlike other car polishers and buffers, the M8S V2 car polisher has 6 variable speeds and even allows you to refine the speed by 1/2 step increments. Lock in your preferred polishing machine speed and start detailing.
  • Built for Strength and Durability – The M8S V2 buffer for car detailing is designed to be a part of your detailing tools for years to come. We consistently push our auto buffers and polishers to the limit in our car detailing garage in California.
  • Consistent and Reliable Every Time – From waxing to polishing, you can always count on MaxShine to provide a consistent polishing experience. Trusted across multiple industries in the car, motorcycle, and boat detailing industries.
  • Customize Your Polisher For Comfort – The M8S V2 integrates an ergonomic and detachable handle that can be adjusted to almost any angle. Paired with a new ergonomic top grip to stabilize your automobile buffer and provide maximum comfort.

MaxShine New M8S V2 8mm Dual Action Polisher for car detailing