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Jade Finishing Polish 16oz Front

Jade Finishing Polish

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Jade Finishing Polish


Finishing Polish is a light precleaning compound that is custom designed to remove light imperfections, such as swirls and minor scratches, from delicate paint finishes found on many high-end autos. This modern formulation contains dual abrasives that simultanously cut and polish to generate a higher correction than most typical polishes designed as a final step.


  • VOC Compliant
  • Body Shop Safe
  • No Silicone.



Shake well before use. Apply product evenly to a 2ft2 area. Using a dual-action polisher with a soft foam pad, slowly buff using an overlapping pattern with enough pressure to eliminate surface defects. As the polish material diminshes, finese the paint surface - progressively using less pressure until a high gloss is achieved.