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Jade Ceramic Prep Cleaner

Jade Ceramic Prep Cleaner

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Jade Ceramic Prep Cleaner


An innovative blend of surfactants, specialty cleaners and isopropyl Alcohol that will safely remove waxes and oils from compounding and polishing. Jade Ceramic Prep Cleaner also increases the integrity of the molecular bond that occurs when applying sealants and coatings. Demonstrates good foaming properties, which provides a layer of lubrication between the painted surface and microfiber towel without leaving behind any residual film. Jade Ceramic Prep Cleaner also works well as a glass cleaner.

  • Use this to prep surfaces for application of ceramic and graphene coatings
  • Safely remove residuals from solvents, silicones, abrasive dust, waxes and polymers left on the surface
  • Contains mild solvents that will dissolve old compounds, polishes, and waxes that can alter the bonding process
  • Use with a clean dry cloth or towel when applying
  • Coating helps magnify your blemishes
  • VOC Compliant
  • Body shop safe
  • No Silicone
SKU: 555JDE100016

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