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6.25" Clay Disc Medium Cut

6.25" Clay Disc Medium Cut

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Speedy Surface Prep Meduim Grade Clay Disc 6.25"


Use with your DA or Random Orbital Polishers to make light work out of claying surfaces.  Alternately, use Speedy Surface Prep Backing Handle with Strap.  DO NOT use with a Rotary Buffer.


The SM Arnold Speedy Surface Prep Pad will remove contamination from your paint with ease, replacing the need for a clay bar! This pad is infused with an advanced rubber polymer technology that easily removes paint over spray, light water marks, tree sap, rail dust, road grime and other extra stubborn surface contaminants from the surface! Just simply spray Miracle Mist onto the contaminated area and glide the Speedy Surface Prep Pad across the surface.


You will be amazed at how well the Speedy Surface Prep Pad removes contaminants from the surface, in so little time. The advanced rubber polymers will safely separate the contaminants bonded to the exterior, without marring the surface. You can use this on not only the paint, but the glass, moldings, and plastics as well. Your car will feel smooth and free of contaminants so you can get better results afterward with any polish, glaze, sealant or wax! This special pad is so easy to maintain that even if you drop it on the floor you can simply rinse it off and keep working, unlike traditional clay bars. The 6.25" fine and medium pads will last you around 30-50+ uses, which far surpasses multiple clay bars! If you are looking to get rid of that annoying clay bar and find a simple, safe, and easy way to remove contaminants from your car then the SM Arnold Speedy Surface Prep Pad is exactly what you are looking for! 

 Speedy Surface Prep

  • Use with dual action polishers or hand strap.
  • Speedy removal of surface contaminants.
  • Easy to use with less effort.
  • Leaves surface smooth as glass.

SPEEDY Prep DX Pad works fast and achieves professional results with new advanced polymerized rubber technology, the next generation of surface preparation With either dual action orbital polisher or hand application, SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Prep DX Pad quickly, easily and safely removes over spray, rail dust, brake dust, industrial pollution and other bonded contaminants from the surface of automotive paint, glass, moldings and plastic. SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Pad works great with your favorite showroom prep or clay lubricant product. The SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Pad is easily cleaned by simply rinsing off the accumulated contaminants with water. If you drop the SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Pad on the ground, no worries, just rinse with water and you're ready to keep using it. Plus, the SPEEDY Surface Prep DX Pad does not require constant shaping and reshaping.


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