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Print and Cut. Car Care Tips: After the Detail

Time to start to my collection of resources intended to aid detail shops in everyday operations. Recently, I've been getting feedback on challenges detailers face when customers bring back a detail a day, week, month or (cringe) a year after a detail was done on their ride. Swirling on paint, fine scratches, stains on upholstery and many more.

This is just a simple care tip guide covering some of the important points of caring for your car after a detail. I kept this short and sweet. People don't want to read an entire page on this's boring. This is created on an 8.5"x11" artboard for standard printer paper. I left it very simple to print in any quality. There is room at the top for your logo if you have software to modify PDF. If you need any help with this, email me Include your graphics file and i'll drop it in and shoot it back to you. This is divided to print and cut into fourths.

Enjoy! more stuff to come

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